libamt prerequisite: Building Openwsman

Before we dig deeper into the WS managment and AMT stuff, we unfortunately need to build our own Openwsman library. The version in Ubuntu up to 17.04 is rather ancient and stick at version 2.4.7. To have support for recent C++ and the Intel Classes we need to build build our own version.

You may need to install some additional packages:

apt install libcimcclient0-dev libxml2-dev libssl-dev

The simplest way to get an up to date version is to clone the git repository:

  git clone git://

Change into the openwsman clone and create a build directory:

cd openwsman
mkdir build
cd build

Now configure cmake. We will only need the C++ library and skip other bindings. This is especially needed if we work without root. You are also free to build a system wide installation.


If the have been no errors, build the library with ‘make’ and install with ‘make install’. This installs a lib64, include, etc right in your home.

That’s it. We are now prepared to build the Intel AMT Classes.

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