AMT SDK and Ubuntu Update

The Code has been updated to support the recent AMT SDK Version 12.0. Older Versions are no longer supported, because there are additional WSMAN Classes. Since Ubuntu 18.04, you no longer need to compile openwsam by yourself. The System Packages are recent enough. The Makefile defaults has been adjusted in that way. You will find […]

AMT Library for Linux

We will start exploring the AMT WS-MAN interface with a nice C++ Library based on the Windows AMT Classes for Windows. We recycle code from Intel AMT SDK and pack this in a shared library running on most recent Linux distros. Officially supported are only the enterprise distributions SLES and RHEL. But the code we […]

libamt prerequisite: Building Openwsman

Before we dig deeper into the WS managment and AMT stuff, we unfortunately need to build our own Openwsman library. The version in Ubuntu up to 17.04 is rather ancient and stick at version 2.4.7. To have support for recent C++ and the Intel Classes we need to build build our own version.

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